I have personally dealt exclusively with Deanne since moving to the Phoenix Valley and meeting her in 2004. I have purchased and sold many investment properties during that time and have also moved my personal address around quite a bit. She has handled every single one of those transactions and has always done a beautiful job. She can always be counted on to put in the work needed for each unique transaction (and they are always unique). She goes above and beyond and even though I had thought I knew what I was looking for with my prior purchases, I typically settled on something else based on her research and not mine. She is very pleasant and easy to work with. She is great with managing the daily process of property searching (which can be quite draining) by organizing the agreed upon properties to visit for the day into a logical “route” without back-tracking – an important but often-overlooked step in the process. She is incredibly trustworthy which was my #1 priority in finding the right person for my real estate transactions way back when. I value her opinions and they have led to many important decisions which have served me well. Obviously, I am very happy with her past performance and I will continue to use her for every future real estate transaction I will enter into. She couldn’t come more highly recommended!