Province Maricopa AZ Active Adult Homes

Province Maricopa AZ active adult homes Province is a pristine, absolutely gorgeous active adult community in the city of Maricopa, south of Phoenix AZ. When you enter the gated (with  24 hour guard) community you will be impressed by the water features and lush green belts. Water front homes are available. The 32000 sq ft […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional When Buying & Selling!

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it can be quite an adventurous journey; you need an experienced Real Estate Professional to lead you to your ultimate goal. In this world of instant gratification and internet searches, many sellers think that they can For Sale by Owner or FSBO. The 5 Reasons You NEED […]

Arizona Down Payment Assistance, Pathway to Purchase

Arizona Down Payment Assistance, Pathway to Purchase, is an amazing program if you want to own a home but do not have the money for a down payment. It is limited to certain AZ cities and has some requirements. Open the link below to see if you qualify. For more information or to find a […]

AZ Down payment assistance and credit repair

Need to know who to call for information on down payment assistance and credit repair. My goal is to help you become a homeowner giving you the information you need.

What is the Best Way to Finance a HUD Home?

What Is the Best Way to Finance a HUD Home?   FHA financing is the best way to finance a HUD Home for most buyers.   FHA has certain advantages over conventional financing:   The total down payment for an FHA loan is only 3.5% of the sale price. (This number may increase in the […]

Can I Build the Cost of Repairs into my Mortgage

Can I Build the Cost of Repairs Into My Mortgage?    The FHA 203(k) Streamline loan product is intended to assist homeowners with basic repairs costing up to $35,000. (There is no minimum repair cost threshold.) It is designed to be an easy-to-use program for uncomplicated rehabilitation and/or improvements for which plans, consultants, engineers, and/or […]

HUD Homes Qualifying

Do I Qualify for a HUD Home?   Buyers must have their financing ducks in a row before placing an offer on a HUD Home. Selecting a good lender is an integral part of the loan process. A lender will take a careful look at your financial circumstances and tell him how much mortgage you […]

Many Credit Challenged Buyers Purchase HUD Homes

    Many Credit Challenged Buyers Purchase HUD Homes!   FHA underwriters  have a great deal of discretion when they decide who will be approved and who will not be approved for loans. They are allowed to  use compensating factors to offset conditions when a borrower’s profile falls outside general loan parameters. Any compensating factor used […]

Police Officers, Teachers Qualify for 50% Discount on HUD Homes

Police Officers, Teachers Qualify for 50% Discount on HUD Homes   First responders and teachers may be eligible for a special program offering a 50% discount on the list price of HUD Homes.   Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) Program   is designed for law enforcement officers, teachers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.   Officer Next Door, […]

FHA Loan Checklist

  FHA Loan Checklist Here is a list of documents you will need to apply for an FHA loan: Address of place of residence (past two years) Social Security numbers Names and location of employers (past two years) Gross monthly salary at current job(s) Pertinent information for all checking and savings accounts Pertinent information for […]