HUD Homes

FHA Loan Checklist

  FHA Loan Checklist Here is a list of documents you will need to apply for an FHA loan: Address of place of residence (past two years) Social Security numbers Names and location of employers (past two years) Gross monthly salary at current job(s) Pertinent information for all checking and savings accounts Pertinent information for […]

Where Can I Get Updates About New HUD homes?

Where Can I Get Updates About New HUD Homes?   The BEST place to get information about HUD Homes is , HUD’s superstore site. is a one-stop platform containing everything you need to know about the HUD REO sales program:   HUD property information;   Property disclosures and addenda;   Real estate […]

HUD Homes for Investors

  5 Facts About HUD Homes Buying Every Investor Needs to Know   Investors can buy HUD Homes, but there are some restrictions on investor bidding. Here are some things investors should know about HUD Homes. 1.  HUD gives owner occupant buyers priority in the bidding process. When a property is listed for sale as […]

HUD Homes Qualifying

Do I Qualify for a HUD Home?   Buyers must have their financing ducks in a row before placing an offer on a HUD Home. Selecting a good lender is an integral part of the loan process. A lender will take a careful look at your financial circumstances and tell him how much mortgage you […]

HUD homes

      What Is a HUD Home?       HUD Homes comprise one of the largest inventories of foreclosed properties in the United States. They are owned by the United States Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . A HUD Home is a property that has been lost by a previous owner […]